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Erosion Control

Erosion can occur at construction sites where the land has been disturbed.  During construction, the top layer of soil can be swept away, making it extremely difficult to grow vegetation on the site in the future. There are several different ways Siller Construction Co. controls erosion through a series of specific processes.

Siller Construction Co.’s erosion control processes include:

Straw and Tack

For temporary erosion control, Straw & Tack is a very economical and commonly used method. Straw is blown over the area and anchored in place by fiber and tackifer.

Wood Fiber & Tackifer

This method includes two separate cross-directional applications with a hydroseeder.

Temp/Perm Hydroseed/Straw/Tack

There are three steps to this process:

  1. The first application is fiber, seed and fertilizer.
  2. The second application is pneumatically blown straw over the seeded areas.
  3. The third application is fiber and tackifer.

This process allows seedlings to provide vegetation in the area during rainy seasons.

Bonded Fiber Matrix (BFM)

For optimal soil stabilization, BFM is a common application that lasts for 6+ months of coverage. It is a hydraulically applied blanket composed of long strands of wood fibers that interlock, applied in three to four applications cross-directionally.

Silt Fence

In an effort to protect water quality in areas close to construction sites, we use a silt fence—a temporary sediment barrier consisting of filter fabric entrenched into the soil and stretched between a series of fence stakes.

We also can:

  • Install of Rumble Plates
  • Harden Entrances
  • Street Sweep