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Powerline Support

We understand, from years of experience, that there are many critical pieces that make our power line support projects successful and cost effective. We bring highly-trained, certified staff and the best equipment to each jobsite, ready to support our clients with the processes involved in power line construction and maintenance.

Our advanced fleet of equipment includes a compact track loader with an EZ Spot UR pole setter, engineered to set up to a 65-foot pole. Built for maximum performance and reliability, this machine enables our team to install new poles and remove old/pre-existing poles and replace them quickly. It is designed to handle large, heavy utility poles and allows the operator to pick up poles on the ground, or on trailers, and rotate them up to the vertical position. Our operators can easily position the pole with this machine; all with the complete safety and security of the team and the surrounding structures.

Our heavy duty pole setter is the best machine to utilize for setting larger poles and fencing, which enables us to fully serve utility and electrical contractors.

Our power line support services include:

  • Pole setting
  • Hand dig support
  • Erosion control (see website page for more info)
  • Road Support – matting, etc.
  • General construction, as needed (see website page for more info)

Clients appreciate our unparalleled measures of safety we enforce on our power line jobsites. We are proud to claim zero accidents/zero incidents, and each member of our team works diligently to keep safety a number one priority.