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At Siller Construction Co., safety is our number one priority. It applies to every phase of our projects and we are continually working to maintain the highest level of safety on the job site.

We are trained and certified

In order to ensure the safety or our employees and for everyone on or near a job site, we’ve taken some extra measures.

Gold Shovel Standard

We are certified Gold Shovel Standard. This program launched in January 2016; it’s an excavation safety program designed to reduce dig-ins and protect underground gas and electric system (preventing injuries, property damage, inconvenient outages, project delays and high costs). It’s a way for clients to ensure that the contractors being hired will adhere to the safest excavation standards. Our team was trained on One Call Law and Cal-OSHA’s Construction Safety Orders in order to gain the certification.

ISNetworld Members

We are members of ISNetworld, an organization that tracks and verifies safety, insurance, quality and regulatory information for contractors, making it easily available to potential clients (

We start each day with Safety

Siller Construction Co. promotes a culture of “safety first” by following several key steps:

  • Our team is educated on safe practices and also on recognizing and correcting unsafe working conditions; it’s a critical part of each employee’s job.
  • We use the right safety gear and the right equipment—on each job—every time.
  • Before each shift, we start with a kick-off meeting that identifies the tasks for the day, safety requirements for each task, as well as discussing any environmental and hazardous conditions.
  • If an employee has a concern as the job progresses, we reiterate the importance of communication with all team members.
  • We conduct on-site job inspections regularly and are looking closely to find any hazardous or environmental conditions that might exist.
  • We are sensitive and responsible to the environment we live in and work in and make all efforts to conduct operations in the most environmentally-safe ways. We do this by:
    • Following environmental regulations.
    • Working to reduce, reuse and recycle in all of our processes.
    • Teaching environmental responsibility to our staff.