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Many of our customers are in need of heavy duty work platforms for temporary worksites and access roads. Our job is to create a high-performance, sealed mat that can withstand all conditions. Providing the highest level of services to our clients is our goal, and when it comes to using the best mats, we did our research.

Our team uses advanced composite mat systems—safe, cost-effective surfaces for year-round performance in all types of weather. They provide a tough, protective surface and can be used for any application that requires access to special environments, stabilization for heavy equipment, or simple ground protection.

The mats we use each measure 8′ x 14′ x 4″. Together, they provide solid ground support in all soils and a safe work platform for rig personnel in all conditions. They reduce costs associated with well site construction and reclamation; transportation; and liner/liner disposal fees. The mats can also protect well sites from spills. They are eco-friendly and economical, and after using the mats, we are able to quickly restore the job site to pre-project conditions.

About Our Composite Mat Systems

  • Best Materials:
    These mats are composed of specialty resins and high-end polymer additives, creating enhanced durability and dimensional stability, as well as an anti-skid surface. They are made up of 100 percent recyclable materials.
  • Safety Enforced:
    The patented connection system of the mats interlocks on all four sides, eliminating differential movement and preventing load destabilization. The surface also contains an additive that helps increase its electrical conductivity and allows any charge buildup to quickly dissipate (eliminating the potential for static buildup on the surface of the mat). The mats will not absorb and are not reactive to a wide range of chemicals and substances.
  • Record Strength:
    For the mat systems, pure compressive load capacity is approximately 600 psi; compressive loads in excess of 1,000 psi have been observed in laboratory tests.
  • Impressive Low Temperature Performance:
    The mats have been successfully used in environments where temperatures were -30 degrees Fahrenheit for an extended period of time.

Siller Construction Co. provides matting for all types of projects, large and small!